Custom embroidery digitizing

"Custom embroidery digitizing," "embroidery digitizing," or simply "digitizing" is a necessary step for embroidering your company logo or other custom design on promotional products like t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, caps, and other wearables as well as non-wearables like banners, tablecloths, and car seat covers.
The term "digitizing" is not exclusive to the machine embroidery industry, thus people outside the industry have preconceived assumptions of what it is based on the context outside of machine embroidery. Generally speaking, "digitizing" or to "digitize" means to make a digital format or representation of something. For example, taking a drawing on paper and scanning it into a computer.
Let us assume you already have a clean and crisp raster or vector file of your logo. Popular raster file formats include JPG, GIF, and BMP. Popular vector file formats include AI, CDR, and EPS. Whatever image file format you may have, unfortunately, computerized embroidery machines will not be able to embroider your logo using any type of "image" or "graphics" file due to the simple fact that embroidery machines do not understand them.
In machine embroidery, digitizing involves the use of embroidery digitizing software to turn your company logo into a digital file that contains instructions for embroidery machines. This digital file is stored just like any other computer files and is referred to as an embroidery file, embroidery design, stitch file, embroidery tape, embroidery pattern, or embroidery program. When the embroidery file is loaded to an embroidery machine, it embroiders the logo at an amazing speed and accuracy as instructed by the embroidery file.

Men's summer dress to "reveal a leg"

Who said "reveal a leg" is just a woman's patents? This season, boys shorts wind driven all the way from Paris, Milan and New York hit, it is measureless limelight. Actual combat with the following may have been the best summer-type wear law, saying that short pants, but the cool taste but it will greatly increase!
POLO shirt and shorts?
Every summer, mens polo shirts or T + shorts but most of the most unusual summer job of male dress, it's the perfect solution to the "working time can not wear collarless T-shirt" and "hot and humid it is difficult to resist the" struggle between the pain. polo clothing to all men to find a perfect export, it can be dressed wave can also be formally dressed.

Juniors stride forward in the polo shirt fashion stakes

Polo has set the standard for stylish yet affordable junior polo clothing, producing an extensive range of polo shirts, wind tops and mens clothing in a number of different colours.
It is not just the junior golfers who benefit from polo shirt fashionable range of clothing, it is their parents who are able to purchase wholesale polo shirts that are finished to a high standard, with quality fabrics and above all offer great value for money. is an internet polo clothing specialist which has the most extensive ranges of cheap polos for men, ladies and juniors.

Chicago school has recipe for a 2nd chance

In a brightly lit kitchen, students in white chef hats and aprons are glazing pork, tasting cheddar cheese grits and checking on a Caribbean black bean side dish in the oven.
Once dropouts, discipline problems and failures at high school, they now talk about owning restaurants, writing cookbooks and supporting their families.
Executive directors Myra J. Sampson and Gladys Simpson take that mission to heart. They are veterans in the world of offering alternative schooling for students at risk of dropping out.

They applied to the Chicago Public Schools and got a five-year contract to run the culinary arts high school, housed in a nondescript brick building that happens to have a gleaming, well-stocked kitchen. There are two additional rooms for classes. Students wear navy polo shirts as part of their uniforms.
A bulletin board in the hallway showcases pictures of all the student chefs, below the words "History in the Making."
As a "contract school," the culinary arts high school has to meet performance measures in a number of areas, such as graduation and attendance rates and test performance. Last week, the juniors were taking Illinois' Prairie State Achievement Examination just like other 11th graders across the state. The exam measures whether students meet state standards in reading, math and other subjects.

Polo shirt guy

Reece, 45, was wearing an orange polo shirt, the type of shirt a guy looking to play golf might wear. But he probably didn't golf. If he did, golf pros figure, he would have taken the clubs. He would have, at least, taken some of the balls.
Friday morning he was transferred to a North Carolina prison for a 90-day sentence for misdemeanor breaking and entering and larceny. And yes, it was a golf course. In 1997.
So now people try to make sense of it.
Sometimes there are things we don't understand.
Like why he walked past a 52-inch television, not even attached to the wall, at Stumpy Lake. Twice. "I don't know what to read into it," said Keith Hall, the owner of the Carolina Club in Grandy.
"It's unbelievable," Dave Williams, the golf pro at Stumpy Lake, said.
Sometimes it is. And sometimes it isn't.

Sometimes the guy in the cheap polo shirt driving a Volvo to the golf course is doing exactly what you think he's doing.

And sometimes, as he told deputies in North Carolina, he's looking for money for crack and cocaine
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