Polo shirt guy

Reece, 45, was wearing an orange polo shirt, the type of shirt a guy looking to play golf might wear. But he probably didn't golf. If he did, golf pros figure, he would have taken the clubs. He would have, at least, taken some of the balls.
Friday morning he was transferred to a North Carolina prison for a 90-day sentence for misdemeanor breaking and entering and larceny. And yes, it was a golf course. In 1997.
So now people try to make sense of it.
Sometimes there are things we don't understand.
Like why he walked past a 52-inch television, not even attached to the wall, at Stumpy Lake. Twice. "I don't know what to read into it," said Keith Hall, the owner of the Carolina Club in Grandy.
"It's unbelievable," Dave Williams, the golf pro at Stumpy Lake, said.
Sometimes it is. And sometimes it isn't.

Sometimes the guy in the cheap polo shirt driving a Volvo to the golf course is doing exactly what you think he's doing.

And sometimes, as he told deputies in North Carolina, he's looking for money for crack and cocaine



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